why do you not offer free quotes?

First of all, free quotes are not entirely free. Contractors who provide free quotes and free sewer camera inspections are simply including that labour and equipment use into the overall repair fees and hoping that they will get a repair job following the inspection. Which, in my opinion, if someone wants to look at sewage for free, they can go right ahead.
521 FLOW however prefers to provide an unbiased opinion and receive some type of appreciation (money) for getting our hands dirty and looking at all aspects of your sewage problem. We prefer to set aside 3 hours of our time to ensure we perform a thorough and detailed inspection as opposed to trying to get it done as fast as possible to get a sale or to get back to a paying job. 
This is especially true for septic system inspections when buying a rural property. The majority of septic inspections (free and smallfee based) only include a quick visual inspection of the septic tank and treatment/disposal bed area. This quick visual inspection will not identify the majority of issues such as; how often has the system backed up in the past, what type of pipe material was used, what type of system was installed, will the treatment/disposal bed meet your needs (as opposed to has it met the current residence needs), does the system meet current regulations, how does the "good working order" requirement apply to system, etc. 

I'm not saying, don't call them; but if you want a truly unbiased opinion consider our services.

Feel free to give us a call anytime and discuss your situation over the phone for free. If you have a truly unique situation such as with a commercial MOECC compliance requirement or residential warranty issue with a new installation or previous inspection, we may consider providing you with a free on-site consultation if our schedule allows.