Septic Tank Maintenance - pumping when combined with a repair or inspection. (we do not offer a stand alone pumping service)

Filter Cleaning - any system installed after 2007 has a filter installed in the outlet of the tank and will clog up rather quickly. Advanced systems like Eco-Flo and Waterloo Biofilter will also have filters that need cleaning periodically.

Commercial Inspections and Service - this service provides improved  MOECC compliance and provides advance notice of possible issues. Frequency of inspections and service will be determined on a case by case basis.


Septic System Inspections - for real estate transactions and commercial sewage treatment plant assessments for compliance with MOECC rules and regulations.

Pipe / Tank Locates - using specialized equipment we can find underground septic tanks, sewer lines, septic system pipes, field tiles, and absorption beds without major digging. 

Sewer Camera Inspections - using our 125' sewer camera  we can identify crushed pipes, blockages, and leaks . The video can also be recorded for future reference..


Riser Installation - provide easy access to your septic tank for pumping. and inspections

Minor Pipe Repairs - Outlet and inlet pipe repairs

Commerical Repairs- Absorption bed rejuvenation with the use of a Terralift™ or SoilAir™ System

Line Jetting - flushing the pipes if too much sludge has accumulated

Engineering Services - Whether you just need an engineer's approval for a new system or if you are upgrading or repairing an old system, we can provide the necessary approvals based on your situation and governing authority requirements.

A 3 hour minimum charge will apply to all maintenance, inspections, and repair services.

Hourly Labour Rate is $100 plus applicable taxes.

Engineering hourly rate is on a per job basis.

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